Highlands NC


I started off my journey this week expecting bunches of fall leaves, a tour of historic Highlands NC, and hiking. I was so ready to finally make it up to the mountains in the fall I skipped out on getting things done at home; packed a backpack, met up with a friend, and drove 4 hours there for just a day.


Highlands Trip-24-20151012


Our destination was Highlands NC, the small town situated near the border of North Carolina and Georgia. This was the first time I had ever been. I had visited many towns close by but never made the extra trek to see Highlands.

We started off around 8 in the morning and got there at noon. As we got closer to Highlands the street got narrow and the drive became more harrowing. The road was full of bends with drop offs on one side of the road. The view was stunning but absolutely terrifying at the same time.

Once we got there and had lunch, which we waited an hour for, it was 2 and we had planned on leaving around 5. Needless to say, we didn’t quite see everything we wanted to see nor make our deadline. We started walking around town looking at some of the old architecture and interesting shops. One shop had a bunch of creepy dolls and random odds and ends. We’re talking cats dressed as dolls, papier-mâché Halloween figures, and string puppets from the ’50s. I had a strong desire to buy one of the puppets even though they were really horror movie material.

Before we knew it, the time was after 4… We hopped in the car and rode to the waterfalls with only enough time to view the falls that were accessible a short walk from the road. No hiking and no historic tour. We did, however, see a bunch of fall leaves, some pretty amazing waterfalls, and some interesting antiques. It wasn’t exactly what we expected but it was still well worth the trip even with the extra energy drinks bought to make it home.


Highlands NC


Highlands NC


Highlands NC



Gas ~$40, split between us

Food $25

Total Spent by me: ~$45