The Story of Jeanne Baret and Her Journey Around the World

  It’s 1766 and Jeanne Baret, dressed as a man, boarded a ship. Jeanne didn’t know all of what was in store for her. What she did know was that it would be dangerous, but she wanted more out of life. Her dreams were made of exotic plants and what lies on the other side of the ocean. […]

How a Group of Women Saved George Washington’s Home

Mount Vernon today is well visited and well-studied. There are archaeology digs to find out more information on the site and a constant effort to keep it in shape and true to the time when George Washington lived there. The view from the house is even preserved. Really. Visitors can now look across the Potomac [...]

The Joseph Manigault Home

  Visiting the Joseph Manigault home, wasn’t planned, but as I walked by, I just had to see inside. Lucky for me, a tour group was starting soon. I was able to just join in and pay my tour fee at the entrance to the house.   […]

Daniel Boone’s Connection to a Small Town in North Carolina

  Daniel Boone is buried in Frankfurt, Kentucky, but do you know where his parents are buried and where he lived longer than anywhere else in his life? […]

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