Grayson Highlands Hiking and the Search for Wild Ponies

  After searching for the Rhododendron trail head and failing, I started out on the Appalachian Spur trail. I was worried my search for wild ponies might be in vain. The path was rocky and there were rain clouds hovering above. […]

7 Lessons Learned from Getting Stranded in Mexico City

I felt my blood drain from my face and my vision blur when she informed me the next flight was on Monday. I was going to Oaxaca for a photography workshop for Day of the Dead. Monday would mean I would miss most of the workshop that I had already paid for and I would miss Day of the Dead in Oaxaca. Monday just wouldn’t work at all. I was stranded. […]

Highlands NC, Puppets and Waterfalls

  I started off my journey this week expecting bunches of fall leaves, a tour of historic Highlands NC, and hiking. I was so ready to finally make it up to the mountains in the fall I skipped out on getting things done at home; packed a backpack, met up with a friend, and drove 4 hours there for just a day.   […]

Hampton Park and a Monument to Denmark Vesey

  Wandering around Hampton Park, it’s easy to forget the history of what happened here. This land was so many things to so many different people over the centuries. Now it’s a beautiful place to visit and has one of the few monuments dedicated to an African-American, in the city.   […]

Scenic Drive through West Virginia

  If you ever get a chance to visit or even just drive through West Virginia —do it! It’s such a beautiful place.   […]

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