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About the Blog

Let’s get one thing straight, history is the cat’s pajamas.

There is a lot of talk about authentic travel going around these days; whatever that means. What I know, is that to get down to the core of a place, you have to know its history.

Going to New Orleans and dancing to jazz on Frenchmen street, you no doubt have an amazing time. Perhaps, you can even call it an authentic experience. But if you don’t know the history of jazz and the connections to Voodoo, you’re not seeing the whole picture.

The New Orleans Voodoo tradition and jazz is the soul of the city and it’s everywhere. They both originate from the gatherings of enslaved Africans in Congo Square. And it’s evident today in Mardi Gras, wedding traditions, and even Catholicism within the city.

Catholicism and Voodoo intertwined, who would have thought?!



About Me

I’m Lindsay, an art historian who slings margaritas to pay the bills. I’m known for finding a museum and a hiking trail wherever I go, even in Las Vegas. I’ve climbed Mayan ruins in Mexico, wandered the streets in New Orleans, and taken day trips that involved 9 hours of driving and sleeping in the car. Architecture gets me excited and I stop for historic markers. So watch out if you’re following me on the road!

Other interests include planning and organizing, and volunteering with the local architectural salvage.

Working as a bartender does not meet my need for exploring and learning. This blog is an attempt to quince that thirst. I need more travel in my life! So If you feel the same way, join me! I’ve packed up my car with camping gear and I’m ready for some historic adventures!


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